Tandem Paragliding


I have tried parachuting, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, kite flying…, but nothing has brought me as close to the peace and beauty of the heavens as paragliding. Tandem paragliding with Shenandoah Paragliding was fun and exciting, with just the right mix of thrill with the take off, and awe inspired by the natural world as you soar above it. Peter is an excellent instructor - experienced, calm and above all safe. We had to try on different two days before we could take off, because the winds weren’t right, but it speaks to his professionalism to put my safety first, rather than take off when conditions weren’t exactly right. And, it was worth it. I have a whole new appreciation for clouds (and birds and cornfields) and really, how many times do we literally get to walk in the clouds? I would encourage anyone with a sense of adventure and a curiosity for the skies to try this.
Jenn (Summer 2015)
A friend of mine, an avid paraglider, often spoke of how exhilarating and addictive this sport is.  I never truly understood it until I experienced it myself.  It was simultaneously thrilling and calming.  The folks at Shenandoah Paragliding were fun, enthusiastic and highly professional.  I felt safe with them from start to finish, and will do it again!!"
Corina (Summer 2014)
If you have never been on a tandem paraglide you are in for a treat.  As you soar into the air, you will fly alongside eagles, gaze down on farms, and feel a rush of pure delight that only comes from being as free as the birds yet as comfortable as sitting on a sofa.  Peter is a top class instructor with many years flying experience all over the world.  Take it all in, it will be a memory you will treasure along with the outstanding pictures you will be taking.   
Steve Murphy (Spring 2014)